Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wyoming Golden Corral food poisoning outbreak

A Golden Corral in Casper,Wyoming is suspected of causing a food poisoning outbreak that has made 167 ill.More than 150 cases of foodborne illness has been reported near Casper and the Golden Corral  is suspected to be the cause of the outbreak.
Health officials said the Golden Corral outbreak was most likely a norovirus.
Norovirus is the leading cause of foodborne disease and outbreak worldwide,causing flu like symptoms.
There we're widepread reports of vomiting and diarrhea in the area around Casper and authorities linked it to the newly opened Golden Corral there.
They have shut the Golden Corral down for 24 hours  to sanitize the restaurant and David Geisen said "we are doubling down on all of our safety and sanitary procedures that are normally done."
David is the president of franchisee Golden DBL inc. of Denver.

One customer said his plate was dirty and he looked at the stack of plates and they we're all dirty with food sticking on them.
News of the outbreak led to a massive outcry on Yelp.
"The floors we're so dirty" one reviewer wrote while another complained of "raw,under cooked meatloaf and chicken.
David M wrote this review:
"This was the worse experience I have had in Casper.The bourbon chicken gave me travler's dysentery,and I will willingly eat street vendor food in Peru, Mexico and Nicaragua and have never gotten this sick. The point is I know world class bad food and this is in the top two, three in the world."
"The Steaks looked OK but I never got there.
The Chinese was aged and the Italian looked like Chef Boyardee-like, and getting ill on my first plate was my only saving grace.
I can't image the crew training they get there,maybe it was everyone's first night. So say Grace and ask forgiveness before you go."
Officials say they will have the exact cause of the outbreak before the week is up.

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