Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My take on Amish Mafia

Discovery has a hit reality show that premiered tonight ,it is about the Amish people of Lancaster,Pa titled "Amish Mafia" I think this show will be a huge success.
There is one guy named Levi who is a construction worker by trade and is the godfather of the Amish Mafia.
He has a handful of people that help him with things like.

  • Throwing Parties for the Amish Teens
  • Protecting the Amish Businesses
  • Collecting on bets made on softball
  • Basically helps with anything that is asked of him
This Levi guy seems to me like he is more interested in making money than really helping the Amish people.
He is dead set against drugs and when they found a crop of Marijuana or as the Amish call it Green Corn,They pulled it outta the ground and burned it.
He was also told that local stores we're selling counterfeit Amish stuff from China and when one of his businesses complained, he asked his helper John to handle it, so he gets the stuff and burns it.

Levi has a crush on John's sister Esther, so John is using Esther to get Levi to help him get a car and rise in the ranks of the mafia,John said if Levi ever laid a hand on his sister he would,"tear off his dick and shove it down his throat.
There is also another interesting guy named Alan, he is black and has been avoiding Levi and was caught taking bets at a softball game without Levi's permission,he was also shown on TV running from the local police, they tried to help him but he wound up getting caught by the police and they put him in jail.
Now Levi said he is a liability and since he knows so much about them they need to take care of him.
What exactly does that mean?
All this happened on just the first show... so needless to say I will be blogging more about this show.
I hope you enjoyed reading this,feel free to leave a comment and Happy Holidays.

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