Thursday, March 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty stars hold out for pay raise

The stars of AE's hit TV show Duck Dynasty have delayed the start of season 4 because they want a raise.
Nobody can deny the popularity of the show as it is the 2nd ranked TV show behind on The Walking Dead and they feel they should get a salary increase.
Sources say they want 200k a year with raises coming in the following years.

The Roberson family including brothers Phil and Si and Phil's sons have made a lot of money from their Duck Commander thanks in part to the huge popularity of the Duck Dynasty TV show.

Duck Dynasty fans ,I wouldn't worry much about this dispute as a source close to both parties has went on record to say that they are confident everything will all get worked out.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Look at what Axl Rose is accused of this time

It has been alleged that Axl Rose may be facing legal action from a fan.
During a Guns and Roses concert this past Sat night in Perth Australia ,Axl allegedly threw a microphone into the crowd damaging a fans teeth.
Darren Wright claims that 2 of his front teeth we're knocked out.
According to a local paper the West Australian, Darren has started legal action to cover the cost of his dental work.
Darren also said that he didn't think that Axl meant to hit him but at the very least he wanted someone to cover the cost of having his teeth fixed.
Darren also claims that tour promoter Andrew McManus offered to give him an autographed microphone from Axl,but he declined adding in reality I don't think a microphone is going to fix my teeth or pay for the cost of a dentist,I am the father of four on a single income.

Moonshiners TV star Tickle arrested

Reality TV star,Steven Ray "Tickle" was arrested in Danville,Va for public intoxication.
Police say they received a report of a man sitting in the parking lot of Charley's stop and shop sitting in their vehicle drinking.
It seems to me that the 35 year old "Tickle" caught a break when he didn't get a DUI but was really unlucky when he couldn't get a ride to pick him up.
If he could have gotten a ride he could have avoided being arrested.

He was released later that day from the Danville city jail.
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