Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer fashion for women

Well summer is here and almost gone.

I wanted to blog about summer fashion today.

So lets start with the always stylish Kim Kardashian.

What I like about Kim's summer style
  • She has some rocking jeans
  • A white t-shirt is always cool
  • Loving those heels.
  • Accesories aren't over used
  • Colored Jacket to cover up those curves & stand out
  • Shades
  • Nice bright yellow bag
  • Nails are always nice
  • Hair is pulled back
  • Here style says notice me - but I can be casual
Next up is Selena Gomez

What I love about Selena Outfit
  • It is appropriate
  • Matches her dark skin tone (with lighter colors like pastels)
  • That dress is awesome on her
  • Again she does not use to many accesories
  • You can barely even see her clutch bag
  • Natural beauty barely any makeup
  • Her nails are stunning - The black makes them jump out
  • Her heels are amazing
  • If I had a teenage daughter, this is how I would dress her.
If you haven't figured it out yet, I love brunnettes
I'm married to a sexy one.

Anyway whoever said blondes have more fun was way off.

Blondes are ok but show me one blonde who can pull off that Selena outfit above.

I didn't think so

As always God Bless Us All

Seriously - I need some help

My wife had rheumatoid arthritis.
After going to several doctors and watching my wife suffer.
I have realized that most doctors really don't care about you.
They just care about money.
It is sad but true.

In the last few years I have seen my wife
  • take chemotherapy
  • take steroid shots
  • take so much medication - it is ridiculous
  • lose weight
  • lose hair
  • gain weight
  • lose her self confidence
  • lose her mobility
  • lose her love for life
  • suffer with pain
  • seen her hands and feet swell to double their normal size
  • watched her hands and feet turn different colors
  • burn up with a constant fever
  • be misdiagnosed with everything from lupus to cancer
If you have rheumatoid arthritis and can share some tips, or even point me in the direction of a good doctor, it would be appreciated.

I have lost faith in doctors in the last few year, after seeing my wife suffer.

I don't think it is right for a doctor
  • treat you like a piece of meat
  • give you medications that have bad side effects
  • not even speak one word to you in a visit
  • milk you with for money
  • give you tests you really don't need
  • herd you through the office like cattle
What happened to people caring about others

I am truly at my breaking point, and I need help.

As always - God bless us all

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ok We get it.

I have noticed many blogs lately, where the blogger is explaining to the readers why they have been inactive.

 We Get it
  • Everyone needs personal time
  • Unexpected things happen
  • You can't live 24/7 online
  • You have a life
You won't lose readers if you don't publish a blog everday.
I think that putting that much pressure on yourself isn't healthy,

Try to remember
  • we follow you because we like your writing
  • life has enough challenges without you creating more for yourself
  • we really don't like reading apologies for being inactive
  • we love you because you are you
I hope this dosen't make anyone mad
  • This isn't about anyone in particular
  • I just think it is a waste if time
  • No-one is perfect
  • So follow me - I will be honest
As always God-Bless-Us-All - Manthy

I need 20 people to help me reach my dream.

I think J-Lo is insatiable

After seven years of marital bliss.
Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony are getting a divorce
According to People Magazine

I have read
  • The are constantly fighting
  • Heard rumours of infidlity
  • They are both jeolous
  • She gave him the cold shoulder recently
I know what you are thinking, I saw them on the American Idol finale and they seemed to be in love,
Remember who we are talking about here readers Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez may be insatiable or incapable of being satisfied.

J.LO has had a relationship with
  • Sean "P Diddy" Combs
  • Ben Affleck
  • Ojani Noah
  • Chris Judd
If the men above can't keep you satified J.LO maybe you need to start looking inside.
I hope I'm not being to hard on her because I like to give people the benefit of the doubt,but if 3 kids and 7 years can't keep a marriage together, I just don't know what can.

Thanks for stopping by - Manthy

I need 20 people to help me reach my dream.

I want a Kindle

Why is it when a new product comes out, I feel like I need it.
It is almost like my brain is programmed to tell me hey Mark you need that.
Or even better you deserve that.
My latest need is the 2nd generation Kindle.
I can picture me sitting poolside at some resort somewhere reading on my new Kindle.
Am I weird?
Do other guys think like this?
Or maybe I just want too much?

Examples of needs                                                                                            
  • food
  • shelter
  • love
  • water
Examples of wants
  •  new car
  •  million bucks
  •  5-D Television
  • The hottest new thing
What is  funny about this sudden Kindle craving
  • I can't remember the last book I read
  • I have never been a big reader
  • I own a laptop
My point to this is, there is a big difference between a want and a need.
I know this, but I still want the Kindle.

Do I have a shopping addiction?

I can honestly say no I do not, I mean I don't even like shopping.
My wife buys most of my clothes, because she knows if she doesn't she will have to be out seen in public with me in my 10 year old pair of jeans.

I guess Amazon is just good at what they do and that is selling things.

Will I get the kindle?

I think I am gonna flip a coin for it,

I'll let you know in the next post......

Until then, God- Bless- Us -All