Thursday, September 27, 2012

Google Maps are awesome and Apple knows it

I think Apple made a bad mistake by removing Google maps from the Iphone 5, I have an HTC ONE X phone which runs off android operating system and google maps is amazing.
My friends who have the new Iphone wish the Google maps feauture was still on it because it is so easy and accurate.
All you have to do is just say where you want to go and it will GPS you right to the spot,that is awesome.
Android is the future of smartphone apps & I bet Steve Jobs rolled over in his grave when Apple dropped their contract with Google.
If you haven't tried it yet, I strongly recommend you use Google maps.
I think it is a must have app for any smartphone,even if you have to buy it.
Don't get me wrong I love Apple but in my opinion Android has surpassed iO5 Maps and it won't be long before Android has the best apps period,if they don't already.

Try street view on Google maps - you can stand there and turn around and it turns with you,it is incredible to say the least.

Anyway I hope you all have a great weekend - Manthy

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maddona is a huge Obama supporter

This may come as no surprise to many that Madonna is backing President Barack Obama on his re-election.
If you remember she had his name tattoed on her back during her stop at New York's Yankee Stadium during her MDNA tour on September the 7th 2012.
                                      Free Wallpaper! Just right click & save

Madonna who is a mother of four was called a "Moralising slut" after another concert last month when she scribbled pussy riot on her back. It was clear to everyone she was making a statement about the jailing of the russian punk band for an anti Putin protest in a Moscow Cathedral.
She further angered the Russians by making a stand for gay rights at her St. Petersburg concert.

Madonna asked all her fans to vote for Barack Obama on her MDNA concert stop in Washington D.C. Monday.

The shocking part is the way she did it,by video. Using profanity
The footage showed civil rights footage and she said quote "better vote for ___cussing___ Obama OK?,for better or worse we have a black Muslim in the White House"
"Now that's some ___ she continued & that means there is some hope in this country"
"Obama is fighting for gay rights,so support the man G*D*****T"

Madonna has always been unique and I respect her music but me & her don't see eye to eye on Obama.
I won't be voting for him,but to each his/her own.

Until next time - Peace.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Green Day singer Billy Joe Armstrong in Rehab

Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong had been sober for over a year until he fell off the wagon last weekend while performing in Las Vegas.
Claudia Wright the ex wife of Green day's drummer Tre-Cool, said he got drunk and had a onstage meltdown which landed him in rehab,his family is by his side.
Billy went off on a tirade  when he was told to wrap it up in a minute during the bands performance @ the iHeart radio music festival in Las Vegas.
He said "You gotta be __cussing______ kidding me ,What the _______,I'm not__________ Justin Beiber you mother_______'s - I got one minute,just one minute left"
Billy is 40 years old now and Vegas is a party town but that is no excuse,I guess he is learning the hard way what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there.
I wish Billy the best and I hope he gets the help he seems to need.

Kanye West sex tape stolen.

Kanye West has a sex tape out floating around on the internet with a lady who looks a lot like Kim Kardashian,isn't that ironic,if you will remember Kim had a sex tape of her & her boyfriend at the time Ray-J which was leaked and watched by millions of people on the internet,in fact I think in some weird way it helped to make her a superstar.
Kanye's legal team is threatening to sue anyone who dares to show the video,which they think was stolen off his computer and was shot in a hotel room recently.
Kanye is a grammy award rapper and already has enough controversy to deal with since he took to the stage at the MTV music awards and ruined Taylor Swift's big moment back in 2009 when he crashed the stage as Taylor was winning the best female video shouting out that Beyonce should've won etc,lets face it Kanye is a PR professionals nightmare,but he is serious about this sex tape and he does not want it leaked.
Kanye's lawyer Lisa M. Buckley released a statement that the footage and a widely circulated image from it we're illegally obtained from his computer,posting ,advertising,marketing,displaying and otherwise disseminating the stolen screenshot and or other materials and tape are actionable violations of Mr. West's rights of privacy and publicity.
In laymans terms Kanye will sue you.
Did Kanye want this footage leaked? I don't think so like I mentioned above he already has enough trouble and this could be the straw that broke the camels back if this video goes viral, I mean he can't sue the whole world,although I am certain he will try.
Best wishes to Kanye I hope his little sex tape doesn't get attention and maybe this will make these famous artists think before they film themselves having sex with everyone,just ask R. Kelly it ain't a real smart thing to do.
Till next time....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Katie Couric admits to battling bulimia

Today Katie made a shocking admission that she had a terrible battle with bulimia.

Viewers of her talk show we're shocked when she admitted to feeling guilty about eating even a single piece of chewing gum if it was not sugar free and it wasn't just in college it lasted several years after according to Katie.
In a interview with the associated press Katie said her battle with bulimia began in high school when she didn't get to attend the college of her choice,she said like a lot of young women I was struggling with my body image and feeling as if I wasn't good,or attractive or thin enough.
Katie went to the University of Virginia and with the help of a therapist at age 20 she finally had control over her eating disorder,I have learned how to have a healthy relationship with food and how to enjoy life without obsessing over food.
Kudos to Katie I think she is an inspiration for millions of young girls out there struggling with eating disorders,showing that if she can do it so can they. It is hard to believe that she is 55 years young today.
She has aged gracefully to say the least.
Until next time...

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Monica Lewinsky may have a book coming out soon.

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky may be returning to the public eye with a new book deal about her sexual relationship with former President Bill Clinton,according to reports sweeping the internet.

Monica who turns 40 next year could get as much as 12 -15 million U.S. dollars for her memoir,which are rumoured to include love letters she wrote President Clinton.
Rumours of the book broke last week when The New York Post reported "We're told Lewinsky has been making rounds to major publishers, who were all asked to sign non disclosure agreements to take the meetings.
I bet this new book will be scandalous and hold nothing back as a more mature Monica will want the world to know her side of the story,if you remember she was a 21 yr old intern when she was the center of the scandal that almost cost Mr. Bill Clinton his Presidency.
In a newspaper report she said he could have made it right but he didn't.
I really didn't expect him to go into detail about our relationship.But if he had and he had done it honestly,I wouldn't have minded.
I don't accept that he had to desecrate my character.
The National Enquirer reported she will get 12 million for her book, I think she will get more, I guess we will all have to wait & see.

Lindsay Lohan arrested again

Lindsay was arrested Wed in NYC after she hit a man with her car, the man claimed she had a strong smell of alcohol on her and had slurred speech.
Once again Lindsay Lohan is in the news.
Lindsay was driving through a crowd outside dream downtown when she hit him in the knee, police said.
She was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and the police said there was no evidence that she was intoxicated.
The people at the scene said Lindsay and her friends acted like it was no big deal to them,and since she was a movie star she could just drive away,they are disappointed in her to say the least.
But police said that video clearly showed a contradiction to what the man who was hit told them and also said that the incident was blown up and should work its self out in a few days.
Lindsay is on the comeback trail and I am certain will be back as one of Hollywood's top actresses in the next few years.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Keith Urban and Nicki Minaj join American Idol cast

The cast of next year's American Idol was released by Fox today.
Country superstar Keith Urban & singer /rapper Nicki Minaj are officially judges this year.

                                                      A.P. (The Associated Press Photo)

Fox held out releasing the official cast just hours before auditions start tonight in New York,USA.
Randy Jackson is the only remaining original cast member left. He almost didn't make it back when Fox had picked Enrique Iglesias and then changed their mind and brought back Randy, Simon Cowell tweeted that bringing Randy back was the right decision and I for once agree with him.

Here are the judges

  • Randy jackson
  • Keith Urban
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Mariah Carey
Ryan Seacrest will also come back as the host for American Idol's 12th season.

How much do the Idol judges make?

Mariah Carey - she is making a record breaking 18 million a year. Jennifer Lopez made 15 million her 1st year on American Idol.
Keith Urban - makes 3-4 million a year.
Nicki Minaj - gets 10 million a year.
Randy Jackson - gets his unknown salary plus a cut off Mariah's salary.

It's gonna be interesting

I'm not sure Nicki is qualified to be a Idol judge, she is a new artist and very young,plus the tension with Randy Jackson knowing that Fox really didn't want him to come back also should make for some interesting TV,Keith Urban left the UK's voice and lied about coming to Idol but I do think he will make an awesome judge and since he is the lowest paid and is a Grammy Award winning, multi platinum artist, I think he will be hard to impress.
Finally Mariah Carey is just happy to be there,seeing as how she is one of the greatest singers ever & the top selling female artist of all time, she brings a lot to the judges.

I think this could be the best year ever for American Idol, I hope the talent this year is better than the past few years,because if it is, American Idol will be awesome this year.
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Jerry Lawler collapses during WWE Raw

61 year old professional wrestler & announcer Jerry "The King" Lawler collapsed during a live telecast of Monday night raw.

I believe he had a heart attack but can't say for sure,he had wrestled in a tag team match earlier in the night and collapsed while calling the action from the announcing table,he was given CPR on the spot by medical staff and was hospitalized.
The WWE made a statement on its website that he had been hospitalized but no more information has been given.
Lawler has been getting a lot of attention from fans & the wrestling world on Twitter.

Jim Ross tweeted "I am shaken of my friend Jerry Lawler's emergency in Montreal.Hands Shaking.I feel helpless.Prayers for the king."

The Iron Sheik tweeted "God Bless Jerry Lawler I love him forever."

Mick Foley tweeted "Hang in there King.Pulling and praying for @JerryLawler

I will be praying myself for a speedy recover for Jerry and will keep you all posted.

Monday, September 3, 2012

rest in peace Michael Clarke Duncan

Academy Awards nominee Michael Clarke Duncan has passed away at the age of 54.
He had a heart attack on July the 13th 2012 and never recovered from it.
I will always remember that every time I saw him whatever he was doing he had that big smile on his face.
I know that there are millions of people who are hurting right now because of his death but as for me I chose to remember all the good things he did in his life.
I do send out my condolences to all his family and friends, I am gonna watch the film that got Michael an Academy Award nomination for best actor in a supporting role tonight "The Green Mile" it is one of my favorite films.
I love his character John Coffey in the film and I also loved his voice, I don't think many people realize how many films he did voice work on.
Rest in peace Michael,you will be missed.

The Top 10 hottest women of 2012

For my readers I have decided to do a list of who I think are the hottest celebrities of 2012.
They are my personal picks & in no particular order,they are all hot and that should be good enough for you!

                                                                    Blake Livley
                                                                    Eva Mendes
                                                                       Jessica Alba
                                                                         Kendall Jenner
                                                                         Katy Perry
                                                                        Mila Kunis
                                                                        Olivia Munn
                                                                       Scarlett Johansson
Taylor Swift

This list includes some of the best actresses,singers,models, and hot babes of 2012
I hope you love my picks, and as a side note some of the images above are wallpapers just right click and save them to your computer and you can use them as a hot wallpaper.

Eddie Murphy is alive

Eddie Murphy is alive and well.
He was the victim of a hoax and it spread like wildfire online that he had died.
Eddie is 51 and still a major player in Hollywood, don't believe everything you see online.
Eddie Murphy is not dead.
He does look pissed in this picture at the thought that anyone could spread such a nasty rumor.
I never will understand why some people spread such lies, do they not realize the affect it has on so many people,can you imagine what Eddie Murphy's family & friends felt like when they started seeing all that crap online.
Thanks for reading & happy labor day to you all.