Monday, September 10, 2012

Jerry Lawler collapses during WWE Raw

61 year old professional wrestler & announcer Jerry "The King" Lawler collapsed during a live telecast of Monday night raw.

I believe he had a heart attack but can't say for sure,he had wrestled in a tag team match earlier in the night and collapsed while calling the action from the announcing table,he was given CPR on the spot by medical staff and was hospitalized.
The WWE made a statement on its website that he had been hospitalized but no more information has been given.
Lawler has been getting a lot of attention from fans & the wrestling world on Twitter.

Jim Ross tweeted "I am shaken of my friend Jerry Lawler's emergency in Montreal.Hands Shaking.I feel helpless.Prayers for the king."

The Iron Sheik tweeted "God Bless Jerry Lawler I love him forever."

Mick Foley tweeted "Hang in there King.Pulling and praying for @JerryLawler

I will be praying myself for a speedy recover for Jerry and will keep you all posted.

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