Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maddona is a huge Obama supporter

This may come as no surprise to many that Madonna is backing President Barack Obama on his re-election.
If you remember she had his name tattoed on her back during her stop at New York's Yankee Stadium during her MDNA tour on September the 7th 2012.
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Madonna who is a mother of four was called a "Moralising slut" after another concert last month when she scribbled pussy riot on her back. It was clear to everyone she was making a statement about the jailing of the russian punk band for an anti Putin protest in a Moscow Cathedral.
She further angered the Russians by making a stand for gay rights at her St. Petersburg concert.

Madonna asked all her fans to vote for Barack Obama on her MDNA concert stop in Washington D.C. Monday.

The shocking part is the way she did it,by video. Using profanity
The footage showed civil rights footage and she said quote "better vote for ___cussing___ Obama OK?,for better or worse we have a black Muslim in the White House"
"Now that's some ___ she continued & that means there is some hope in this country"
"Obama is fighting for gay rights,so support the man G*D*****T"

Madonna has always been unique and I respect her music but me & her don't see eye to eye on Obama.
I won't be voting for him,but to each his/her own.

Until next time - Peace.

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