Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Green Day singer Billy Joe Armstrong in Rehab

Green Day frontman Billy Joe Armstrong had been sober for over a year until he fell off the wagon last weekend while performing in Las Vegas.
Claudia Wright the ex wife of Green day's drummer Tre-Cool, said he got drunk and had a onstage meltdown which landed him in rehab,his family is by his side.
Billy went off on a tirade  when he was told to wrap it up in a minute during the bands performance @ the iHeart radio music festival in Las Vegas.
He said "You gotta be __cussing______ kidding me ,What the _______,I'm not__________ Justin Beiber you mother_______'s - I got one minute,just one minute left"
Billy is 40 years old now and Vegas is a party town but that is no excuse,I guess he is learning the hard way what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there.
I wish Billy the best and I hope he gets the help he seems to need.

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