Saturday, September 22, 2012

Monica Lewinsky may have a book coming out soon.

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky may be returning to the public eye with a new book deal about her sexual relationship with former President Bill Clinton,according to reports sweeping the internet.

Monica who turns 40 next year could get as much as 12 -15 million U.S. dollars for her memoir,which are rumoured to include love letters she wrote President Clinton.
Rumours of the book broke last week when The New York Post reported "We're told Lewinsky has been making rounds to major publishers, who were all asked to sign non disclosure agreements to take the meetings.
I bet this new book will be scandalous and hold nothing back as a more mature Monica will want the world to know her side of the story,if you remember she was a 21 yr old intern when she was the center of the scandal that almost cost Mr. Bill Clinton his Presidency.
In a newspaper report she said he could have made it right but he didn't.
I really didn't expect him to go into detail about our relationship.But if he had and he had done it honestly,I wouldn't have minded.
I don't accept that he had to desecrate my character.
The National Enquirer reported she will get 12 million for her book, I think she will get more, I guess we will all have to wait & see.

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