Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer fashion for women

Well summer is here and almost gone.

I wanted to blog about summer fashion today.

So lets start with the always stylish Kim Kardashian.

What I like about Kim's summer style
  • She has some rocking jeans
  • A white t-shirt is always cool
  • Loving those heels.
  • Accesories aren't over used
  • Colored Jacket to cover up those curves & stand out
  • Shades
  • Nice bright yellow bag
  • Nails are always nice
  • Hair is pulled back
  • Here style says notice me - but I can be casual
Next up is Selena Gomez

What I love about Selena Outfit
  • It is appropriate
  • Matches her dark skin tone (with lighter colors like pastels)
  • That dress is awesome on her
  • Again she does not use to many accesories
  • You can barely even see her clutch bag
  • Natural beauty barely any makeup
  • Her nails are stunning - The black makes them jump out
  • Her heels are amazing
  • If I had a teenage daughter, this is how I would dress her.
If you haven't figured it out yet, I love brunnettes
I'm married to a sexy one.

Anyway whoever said blondes have more fun was way off.

Blondes are ok but show me one blonde who can pull off that Selena outfit above.

I didn't think so

As always God Bless Us All

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