Sunday, December 9, 2012

Allen Iverson files lawsuit to try and save home.

Former NBA star Allen Iverson has filed a lawsuit against his lender to stall the auction of his $4.5 million dollar Atlanta,GA home.
The house was scheduled to go on the auction block on December the 4th, Look at this house and tell me if you blame him,it is beautiful.

It is alleged that Allen owes $1.2 million on the home.
He moved quickly to stop the auction by filing a lawsuit claiming he never consented to the loan.
Iverson say his wife with whom he is going through a nasty divorce with,signed the mortgage.
He said she did it to mess him up by agreeing to terms he couldn't meet.

The lawsuit has bought Allen some extra time,so maybe he won't lose his beautiful home.
Allen has made over 154 million dollars in his career in the NBA you would think he has plenty of money.
I guess it doesn't matter how much money you make it how much you save.
What is going on with all these celebrities having financial trouble?
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