Monday, December 10, 2012

Did the Pawn Stars get fined

Rick and Corey Harrison,the father & duo of  the popular tv show "Pawn Stars found themselves on the wrong side of the law by not cleaning up behind themselves on a California campground.

According to TMZ, they went camping in Glamis,California over Thanksgiving weekend and left behind around 15 bags of trash.
They left beer cans,garbage and even a BBQ grill.
Authorities knew who left the mess because of an incident over the weekend.
TMZ said that they we're fined $1.000 each but according to Corey he said "We left the site before our buddies did and they we're to clean it up,apparently they didn't follow through.My for nor I we're cited."

Anyway I hope they had a Happy Thanksgiving,from all the beer cans they left, I just bet they did.

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