Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Brooke Mueller is headed to rehab again.

According to TMZ Brooke Mueller is headed to rehab for the 19th time.
Brooke has issues with the drug Aderrall.. a powerful psycho stimulant used to treat ADD.
She was rushed to the emergency room for overdosing on drugs. none of which we're illegal drugs according to Brooke's attorney Yale Galanter.
Galanter said Brooke was "uncomfortable with the way adderall was making her behave."
Brooke is on probation in Aspen,Colorado and is prohibited from drinking alcohol but Galanter said he is confident that the low level of alcohol in her system when she OD'ed will not result in a probation violation.

Brooke had been to the rehab she is in now before and will be there for an undisclosed amount of time. Galanter adds "Brooke continues her lifelong battle with drug addiction and by taking these steps herself to prevent another drug relapse."

Guess who is keeping Brooke's kids?

Charlie Sheens 2nd wife Denise Richards will be taking care of Brooke's children while she is in rehab.
Brooke asked Denise if she would watch her boys Bob and Max and she was happy to help.
When asked why Charlie was not watching them, he said he was to busy filming Anger Management.
Sources say Charlie & Brooke are happy that Denise is watching the kids because she watched them the last time Brooke wen't into rehab.

I personally would like to ask all my readers to pray for Brooke and her kids, It seems to me that she is trying to get herself clean and I commend her for that.
Thanks for reading & happy holidays.

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