Tuesday, December 11, 2012

David Hester gets fired from Storage Wars

One of the stars from A&E's hit show Storage Wars has been fired and is filing a lawsuit.
YUPPPPP, it is David Hester.
According to RadorOnline he has filed a multi million dollar lawsuit claiming the series is fake.
He also said that they stage the show by putting expensive items in lockers to make the show more interesting.

The popular reality show follows auctioneers and buyers as they bid on storage units hopping to find hidden treasure inside.
In David's lawsuit he claims that A&E even paid for one woman's plastic surgery to make her more attractive to viewers.
In the lawsuit he claims that the show tricks the public and when he complained about it,he got fired.
A&E claims they are not aware of any pending litigation and would not comment on whether David got fired or not.
I hope he didn't because to me he is one of the more interesting characters on the show.
YUPPPPPP I said it, I like David Hester.
Thanks for reading & Happy Holidays.

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