Friday, December 14, 2012

Shooter Kills 26 in Newton Connecticut

18 children and 8 adults are confirmed dead in Newton,Connecticut.
The shootings took place at Sandy Hill Elementary school.
The shooter entered the school,dressed in black and went to the room where his mother is a teacher and opened fire.
He killed his mother and several kids in her room.
The gunman Adam Lanza was wearing body armour and a black coat.
He killed several children and staff then turned the gun on himself.
The police arrested Ryans brother outside the school and there have been rumors that there will be more victims found that Ryan shot before he went on the rampage at the school.

President Obama has ordered that the flag be lowered to half staff at the White house and on all government and military property.
The gun man used a.223 rifle and had 2 more handguns and a lot of ammunition.
I will keep you updated on this tragedy for now lets pray for the victims family and friends.
God Bless Us All

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