Sunday, August 21, 2011

it is tough being Kat Von D

It has been tough being Kat Von D lately.

The T.V. show that helped to make her famous L.A.Ink is getting cancelled.

2011 will be the last season of L.A. Ink

T.L.C. said Kat decided to cancel her hit show after only its 4th season.

Kat vented on twitter saying "I love how me deciding to not continue doing L.A.Ink turns into the show being cancelled"

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Just last month the reality T.V. star got Jesse James face tattoed on her.

But wait it gets even worse for the celebrity tattoo artist.

Turns out that Jesse can dish it out but can't take it.

After being unfaithful to his ex-wife Sandra Bullock Jesse calls of the engagement with Kat.

His excuse? He claims she was having an affair with MTV's  Bam Margera.

Jesse is loser.
Once a cheater - always a cheater.
He should read my tips to being a good husband.
You know who I think The big winner is
Bam Margera.

Kat has been friends with Bam for awhile.
Maybe friends with benefits?
I have heard that Kat needs constant companionship, I bet Pro-skateboarder Bam Margera has supplied it.

I have to admit, I hope Kat finds someone to love her and support her in her times of difficulty.

Jesse James isn't good enough for her in my opinion.
I think Bam and Kat make a much better couple.
I also think it is hurting that fragile ego of Jesse.
Hey man what do you expect.

I have a great idea for Kat's next Tattoo.

Wham Bam Thank you Ma'am!

Right over Jesse James Face.

That would be sweet.


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