Monday, August 8, 2011

80's Hair Bands

The 1980's produced so many good bands.

I remember that most of the bands from that era ,wore make-up and had long hair with screaming guitars and most were awesome in concert.

The better looking the singer was, the more success the band had.

People also went to concerts more then, you could get a general admission ticket for about $15.00 

I saw most of the bands listed below LIVE in concert-when I say most I mean 23 out of the 25, that is simply because in the 80's people supported bands by going and seeing them live and buying their CD's and merchandise.

CD's sold back then, not like today, since the internet has killed CD sales.

Most of the bands listed below are platinum sellers..over a million copies, it is a miracle now if someone sells a million copies of a CD.

The days of the local record stores are over...gone with the wind, but I am curious?

Do you remember any of these bands

  1. Guns-and Roses
  2. Motley-Crue
  3. Ozzy
  4. Cinderella
  5. Bon-Jovi
  6. Whitesnake
  7. White Lion
  8. Great White
  9. Quiet Riot
  10. Ratt
  11. WASP
  12. Poison
  13. Def Leppard
  14. Warrant
  15. Scorpions
  16. Dokken
  17. Skid-Row
  18. Twisted Sister
  19. LA Guns
  20. Mr. Big
  21. Slaughter
  22. Firehouse
  23. Damn Yankees
  24. Winger
  25. Bullet Boys

Anyway the 80s are long gone but  there are still many fans of 80s music
it will never die or never be that good again.

Thanks for stopping by
as always GOD-Bless-Us-All
I look forward to reading your comments about what 80s band you saw in concert or what your favorite 80s band is and why.

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