Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake in New York WTF?

A 5,8 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia - gave the east coast a big shake,I felt in here in Alabama.

Believe it or not it shook New York city sending people running out of office buildings and businesses like the world was coming to a end.

It was one of the strongest quakes ever to hit the east coast and it left many people in shock,marveling at what just happened.

To me it is amazing at how long the quake lasted, it shook for a solid 30 seconds which seems like 10 minutes when it is happening.

Look at the look on peoples face in the picture below.

In New York people feared for their lives as buildings swayed.
The floors underneath them buckled and many thought that the office towers they work in would collapse at any second.
A friend told me that it was the scariest thing he has ever experienced.
He said when it hit he was in his office on the phone and at first he didn't know what was happening,his pictures shook off the wall,he got off the phone and ran for cover under a conference table in a nearby room and then it was over.

Twitter went crazy as many as 5000 tweets a second exploded into the timeline.
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Apple employees evacuated it's flagship store on Fifth avenue in NYC.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said that today was stressful but NYC was lucky to not have major harm to the city and he was thankful that no-one was killed due to the earthquake to his knowledge.

Celebrities Tweet about rare New York Earthquake

Chris Brown -Please pray for Virginia

Elizabeth Banks - Um a earthquake in North Carolina, it is nice to feel at home but please don't go overboard.

Marlee Matlin - They felt the #earthquakes as far as Des Plaines?!
That is Practically my hometown

Snooki - o m g earthquakeeeee

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