Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Billy the exterminator guilty of drug charge

It always seemed to me that Billy, the star of A&E's hit show The Exterminator was a happy guy and now I know why he's always smiling.
He has plead guilty to possession of synthetic marijuana, which is a misdemeanor in Louisiana according to his attorney Allyn Stroud.

William "Billy" Bretherton was put on probation for a year. He was given a suspended 60 day jail term and was fined $500.00. He also was court ordered to attend substance abuse evaluation and treatment as well as community service, regular alcohol and drug testing.

According to a spokesman for Bossier city the police responded to a 911 call and charged Billy and his wife with possession of synthetic marijuana and a device to smoke it with, which was later tested positive for the drug.
Mary caught a break when all charges against her we're dropped, in fact Billy got a break too because his charge of paraphernalia was also dropped.

A&E have refused to comment on the situation and nobody is certain how this incident will affect his show.

I know I will be happy to see him smiling and catching all those pesky critters in Louisiana again.
Thanks for reading my blog and God bless us all.

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