Monday, November 26, 2012

Steve O has a hit show with Killer Karaoke

Steve O is back on television again with a funny new show called Killer Karaoke.
It is on Tru Tv every Friday night at 9 pm.
Last week they had a girl who was dipped into ice cold water,then they added more ice,then they added snakes,then even bigger snakes while the girl who was sitting on a swing was continually dipped into freezing water,Steve O tells them whatever happens do not stop singing.
Up next was a poor guy who was covered with balloons and had to put on a pair of goggles that makes you drunk,so he's singing and walking into cactus while Steve O occasionally blows a horn in his ear scaring him, not to mention the fact that they are dropping bags full of dust onto his head while he continues trying to sing.
Ok after those 2 contestants get finished then the audience votes who did a better job and the winner makes it to the finals,and a chance at $10.000.00.
I don't want to ruin the show by telling you everything that happens but I will say that the finals and winning the 10k is hard,the final 3 try to stay on the wheel while it is spinning and other contestants knock each other off,anyway on the episode I watched the winner got $5.500.00.
Here are some other things that happened on the episode I watched

  • A lady was strapped into a suite with a guy who slapped her in the face with a fish
  • A guy was strapped to a table while women removed his body hair with wax 
  • A guy was shocked with dog collars while attempting to serve Steve O dinner.
  • A guy had to walk a plank,with fish guts,scorpions,snakes,alligators etc.
To say this show is funny is an understatement,it is hilarious and Steve O makes the perfect host.
I am glad that Steve O is sober and back to work.
I also love the punch line whatever happens don't stop singing.
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