Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lindsay Lohan arrested again

Lindsay Lohan arrested again after allegedly hitting Tiffany Ava Michelle,28,in the face at Avenue nightclub in Manhattan's Chelsea Neighborhood.
Lindsay could face a third degree assault charge,sources say.She was released by the NYPD Thursday morning and is expected back in court on January 11th. The NYPD took the Liz & Dick actress into custody around 4 a.m. after the alleged incident with Florida woman at the 10th ave. hot spot.

Lindsay and her posse tried to avoid the police and slipped out a back door but was spotted by the victim Tiffany Ava Mitchell ,who was bruised and told the police that is her,she is trying to leave.

26 year old Lindsay was stunned when the NYPD put the cuffs on her and she repeatedly said, "Are you kidding me, Are you joking. according to TMZ.

Lindsay is also charged with a June auto accident

Santa Monica police say they have found evidence that she lied when she said she was not behind the wheel of a Porsche that collided with a dump truck.
The three misdemeanors came hours after she was released from the incident in NYC.
Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis told the times that the departments investigation's had determined that Lindsay was driving the Porsche,contradicting statements she made to officers after the crash.
She was charged Thursday with obstruction an investigation,giving false information to an officer and reckless driving.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Lindsay is in trouble again,how many more chances will she get.
I guess that will be up to the Judges to decide.
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