Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dr. Conrad Murray trial updates.


Dr. Conrad Murray in my opinion will be found not guilty in his trial, although I believe he was partly responsible for the death of Michael Jackson his defense team is simply winning this trial
Yesterday a key witness for the defense nurse practioner Cherilyn Lee, who had notes advised Michael Jackson not to take propofol and Michael said to her that doctors had told him it was fine.
Cherilyn got so upset she had to take a break during her testimony.
I also thought she was very credible because she called her doctor and found out all about propofol and read about it in a PDR before she told Michael not to take it.
It seems to me like they are saying that Michael was doctor shopping to get anyone up there to give him the propofol, and they are trying to  make Michael look like a drug addict when really all he wanted was to be able to go to sleep.
Also Cherilyn Lee told Michael that he may not wake up if he took the propofol.

Today the defense has several witnesses scheduled to testify as to Dr. Murray's level of care & compassion to them or  in other words building his credibility. I have no idea why it is even being allowed because in my opinion it has no relevance in this case.
The defense also may close as soon a Thursday or even today if they can get 2 key witnesses to appear.
Both witnesses are doctors, one is an expert on the drug propofol Dr. Paul White and the others testimony is unclear to me.
One thing I can tell you for sure is, whoever was so careless to leave propofol around so Michael Jackson could administer it to himself should be found guilty,but the prosecution has done nothing in this trial to make it clear that Dr. Murray was that person. (In my mind)
I was giving propofol once when I had a colonoscopy and it messed me up so bad I couldn't even hardly think for at least a full 24 hours, in this trial they have testimony that propofol will not make you foggy or unable to think clearly and I am telling you with 100% certainty that it make me very foggy and I was messed up unable to hardly think for hours.

I would never even consider taking propofol without having an anesthesiologist there monitoring me,I can't even imagine how tired Michael Jackson must have been. R.I.P Michael
An intersting fact about Michael Jackson - since he died is the highest paid celebrity and not just by a little, last year he earned 125 million dollars the next closest was Elvis earning 55 million.
You can watch the trail for yourself on In Session on Tru Tv  or come back to my blog for more updates because I will be blogging about the verdict in this trial, I will keep you posted.
God Bless

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