Monday, October 10, 2011

Celebrate the amazing life of Steve Jobs

Steve jobs lived a life people only dream of.
While I am sad that he is gone I think people should be celebrating his life,he helped to shape the modern world we live in now.
Steve died peacefully surrounded by his family from respritory arrest caused by pancreatic cancer that had spread to other organs,he had been fighting illness for the last few years.
Be happy that he isn't suffering anymore.
In his life the Apple co founder helped to developed many amazing products.

  • The PC or personal computer - Macs
  • Media Players - I-Pods
  • Computer based animation - Disney Pixar
  • Software - Disney
  • Smartphones - Like the I-Phone 4S
  • Tablet PC's
What I always found to be so amazing about Steve was his ability to make anything better,it seems like he had a gift for it and he was known as getting people to do their absolute best work.

He was a true leader.
Steve Jobs 2008

I think Apple will survive but surely miss Steve Jobs, but to all my readers I can think of nothing better you can do to pay tribute to his amazing life is continue to buy Apple products and always remember the man who helped develop products to make your life so much better & easier.

Get the new i-Phone 4S - it has already sold over a million units pre-ordered and will surely be another epic product.

It features

A Dual core A-5 chip
All new 8 megapixel camera + optics
iOS 5 + iCloud (new operating system)
Seri - Voice ativation that not only understands you but will run apps for you)
This is the best smartphone ever made.

Click the link below for a great price on this amazing product

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