Thursday, November 7, 2013

Walmart's online glitch give online shoppers huge deals

The biggest retailer is the world, Walmart has been very generous this year.
Just yesterday they we're selling  24' HD monitors that normally sell for $579.99 for a mere $8.85.
That was just one example,they had several big ticket items priced wrong and in this age of social media,most all of them sold out in minutes.

Walmart got the glitch fixed and seems to be content with selling the items to the people at the discounted rate.
It reminded me off earlier this year when they had a glitch in their EBT (food stamp system) and shoppers took advantage of it with some people buying thousands of dollars in food,when they only had cents on their EBT cards.
Anyway I wish you all the best in finding all the gifts you need this year.
I have been researching the Black Friday and pre Black Friday sales and I think that Amazon is going to do very well this year. They have sale going on now all the way till Christmas and they have price that even Walmart will have a hard time beating.

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