Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lindsay Lohan's new Lawyer

Lindsay Lohan new lawyer just got a sponsor (which he needs to practice law in California) but the woman who is vouching for him hasn't practiced law for 17 years.

TMZ broke the story that Lindsay fired Shawn Holley last week and hired NYC attorney Mark Heller,to represent her in her case in L.A. (Remember its the case where she is accused of lying to the police.)
Heller can only represent Lindsay if he gets a sponsor who is admitted to practice Law in California.

He must have had problems finding a sponsor because the person he choose has not practiced law since 1996.
Heller got Lindsay Berger Sacks,who was admitted to practice law in 1994 and became an inactive member of the bar just two years later.
Berger Sacks a L.A. socialite and co-founder of the Doherty Dining Club reactivated Lindsay Sacks membership last Tuesday, I have learned it's just 3 days before Heller filed legal documents to represent Lindsay. Heller listed Berger Sacks as his sponsor.
It looks like Holley is out of the picture because in his legal documents,Heller is asking that Lindsay's case file be forwarded to Berger Sacks so he can get to work on the case.

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