Thursday, September 8, 2011

Resse Witherspoon recovering from getting ran over by car!

In case you haven't heard Resse Witherspoon got ran over by a car while out jogging this Wednesday.
She is already at home recovering and has been getting a lot of well wishes from her fans on twitter,and other social media sites.                                        
Here are a few tips to use while jogging!

  • Use a track whenever possible
  • Always face traffic if you must jog on a public road
  • Dress in bright colors,to make it easier to be seen.
  • Avoid using headphones,they limit your ability to hear a car
  • Keep your eyes out for cars
  • Always get at least 2 feet off the shoulder of the road

I would like to wish Resse a speedy recovery and I hope she gets better soon.
Until next time - Mark

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