Sunday, August 26, 2012

Randy Travis is a hero of mine

Regardless of the fact that Randy Travis was recently arrested for DUI and made threats to kill a state trooper and was found naked and combative at the scene, Randy Travis is a hero to me.

Yes I said it, a hero and I will tell you why.
He has had a positive impact on my life, you see I am a singer and  Randy Travis is a huge reason for that,in fact I might not have even been a singer if I hadn't fell in love with his voice and started singing country music.

It is funny to me how the media only focuses on the negative things people do, I may be wrong but I believe that most people never remember the good things a person does but if you make a mistake,they always recall that.


  • Everyone makes mistakes
  • Nobody is perfect
  • Randy Travis was constantly in trouble as a youth

Look at the Good things Randy has done

  • He helped revive country music
  • Is know to start the neo traditional country movement
  • Has been in several TV shows & Hollywood movies
  • Has given thousands of dollars to charity
  • Is  a gospel artist now
  • Is a Grammy award winner
  • Has sold millions of records
  • Has millions of fans
I will leave you with this final thought in the USA a person is innocent until proven guilty, I think since Randy is doing gospel music now that Satan is really getting after him, lets all keep him in our prayers.
God bless.